Paragliding and hang gliding in Val Gardena in South Tyrol

Paragliding and hang gliding in the dolomites area

The Val Gardena valley is a true paradise for fans of flying: From the top of the ski-lift of Secëda, Ciampinoi, Mont Sëura, Raschötz as well as the Seiser Alm and after the climb to the Monte Piz, Stevia or Plattkofel one can enjoy gliding over forests, meadows, and hillsides by oneself or under the guidance of a licensed instructor.

During summer, when the weather is nice and warm with ideal wind currents, it is truly a treat flying over the mountains.

Summer holidays in Val Gardena

Enjoy nature and a magnificient mountain panorama during a summer holiday in Val Gardena. Look in our hotel directory for hotel recommendations.

Wood carving in Val Gardena

The art of wood carving has been practiced in Val Gardena for centuries and today the wood carvings from Val Gardena are worldwide well known.