Ortisei in Val Gardena in South Tyrol

Ortisei in Val Gardena in South Tyrol with Sellagroup and Langkofel in the background.


  • coordinates:
    46°34' N, 11°40' E
  • elevation:
    1.234m (center)
  • population:
    approx. 4.600

Ortisei in Val Gardena

At an elevation of 1236 m, located in the valley floor between the soft incline of the Raschötz and the steep wooded hills of the famous Seiser Alm lies Ortisei (ladin: Urtijëi, german: St. Ulrich).

The scenery surrounding Ortisei is not just any old alpine landscape. It is possibly one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world – the Dolomites. These Dolomites are the reason for the reputation of the town and the valley as a vacation area of unique beauty.

Further beyond the borders of South Tyrol, Ortisei is well known for its wood carving. It is also the birth place of the renowned movie director, actor, and author Luis Trenker.

Ortisei offers:

  • Comfortable and sound environment in a harmonious resort with tradition
  • offering a complete range of tourist infrastructure
  • Unlimited hiking and mountaineering possibilities with well-marked trails, guided tours are available
  • Scenic and adventures with special highlights in a charming mountain atmosphere.
  • Blue skies, healthy climates with the sun as a regular
  • and with people one simply has to like, mainly Ladinians, hospitable, likable, cordial, connected to their language and culture over centuries.

Hotels in Ortisei in Val Gardena

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Climbing in Val Gardena

The Val Gardena valley and the Dolomites offer great possibilities for challenging climbing tours.