Spirits from South Tyrol

Schnaps from South Tyrol


This guarantied to warm your heart! Treberschnaps, frequently just called Treber or Grappa is distilled from grape stems.


Great for the digestion. The Enzianschnaps is frequently called bitters and is usually consumed after a heavy and plentiful meal. This improves the digestion.

For the production of the Enzianschnaps mainly the root and the flowers of the gentian plant are being used. A fever lowering component is also attributed to the gentian.


For your health! The “Latschenkiefer” is part of the family of the mountain pine woods. The needles contain healing, ethereal oil with a spicy scent. The oil has a positive effect on the human body by, for example, increasing circulation and loosening bronchial mucus.

Therefore, an alcoholic extract is frequently made from the Latschenkiefer. After two to three weeks the spicy flavor of the oil and its healing powers have traversed into the liquor. Once in a while a small shot of Latschenschnaps can be very healthy.


Fruity in its flavor. In the production of “Obstlerschnaps”, usually 2 (apples and pears) or other fruit varieties are distilled together. The share of the distillate amounts to approx. 50%.

The apples and pears used in the production process are of course locally grown. Experience this fruity freshness!

Fruit Flavored Spirits

Simply refreshing! Quite frequently around here one encounters apricot (see section on Apricot) - or pear flavored spirits (Williams, see Pears).

During processing, about 5 kg of fruit is being used in connection with 20 liters of alcohol. For the production of fruit flavored spirits only select and of course fresh locally grown fruit is being used.

Liquors from South Tyrol

Blueberry Liquor

Fiery 22 Vol. %. During the production of Blueberry Liquor blueberries are usually exposed to fruit spirit. The curing time is ordinarily two to three months.

Blueberry liquor is customarily being served as a digestive.

Elderberry Liquor

Naturally in taste! During the production of the Elderberry Liquor (22 Vol. %) elderberries are exposed to fruit spirit. The curing time in that case also takes two to three months.

While exposed during this 2 month long process, color and also vitamins of the elderberries transcend into the liquor. Elderberry Liquor is customarily consumed after a meal to improve digestion.

Black Currant Liquor

Black Currant Liquor invigorates body and soul. Invigorating and at the same time relaxing properties are attributed to the black current.

During production black currants are exposed to fruit spirit (curing time: 2 -3 months). Black Currant Liquor has a very fruity flavor.

Wild Berry Liquor

A wonderful mixture! In its production, Wild Berry Liquor mainly contains elderberries, black currants, blueberries, and blackberries.

This fruity mixture is concocted and the liquid separated after two to three months. Wild Berry Liquor is most of the time enjoyed after a meal.

other Liquors

Worth mentioning are also Rasbery and Apple Liquor, for its production only homegrown products are used.

Fruit Liquors are usually exciting because of their refreshing and fruity flavors. The production process is similar to the afore-mentioned liquors.

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