Sweets and Cakes from South Tyrol

South Tyrolean Krapfen (Jam Donuts)

Will knock you off your socks! Their shape is as multi-faceted as their flavor. “Krapfen” are pastries in the style of Grandma’s secret recipe, often filled with cranberry or blackberry jam, etc. The sampling of “Krapfen” must not be left out of your visit to South Tyrol.


An unmistakable flavor, “Tirteln” are pastries crafted from potato dough, shaped in a flat circle. They are usually filled with seasoned spinach, quark, or sauerkraut and fried in oil. We recommend trying it immeadiately.


To savor and enjoy. “Hasenöhrchen” are a type of sweet pasta formed in the shape of rabbit ears, filled with fruit preserves and pan-fried. An absolute dream.


A unique way to enjoy one or more apples! In this recipe, fresh apples are sliced, covered in dough (consisting of milk, flour, eggs, and salt), pan-fried, then dusted with powdered sugar. The ideal dainty for a sweet-tooth.

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